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in Hamburg!

Basic Language Package


How does Hamburg work? Which basic terms do you need to find your way around? What's going on in town right now?


In our welcome course we learn the first German sentences and gain the first insights into Hamburg's being.



Course Contents



At this rather unusual start, we learn the first sentences and basic terms in German. We take our first trips to Hamburg's cultural sites, restaurants and parks, talk about our experiences and so begin our journey ...


  • Let's begin!

We explore the city, visiting its most famous museums, hippest markets and the most delicious restaurants.


  • Now in German please!

The first steps in the following topics: Introduction, shopping, leisure time, compliments, appointments, celebrations, living, health, weather, household, etc. You speak your first German!

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Starten wir eine Gruppe

  • ein neuer Kurs startet bei drei (maximal vier) eingegangenen Anmeldungen

  • zwei mal die Woche, je vier Unterrichtseinheiten

  • die Kosten betragen 350 Euro monatlich

Wir melden uns bei Ihnen, wenn die ausreichende Teilnehmerzahl erreicht ist.

Sie haben sich angemeldet

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