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More than just

learn German

Luisianna was born out of the conviction that the language barrier should not spoil our joy in each other under any circumstances.


That is why our German lessons are not just about imparting language skills, but also a forum in which we get culturally closer and learn from one another.


We do not leave you defenseless against the pitfalls of German grammar and the excesses of our compound words. Lessons in small groups provide the linguistic basis for your future in Hamburg.


We help you to develop your participation in the rich cultural life of the Elbe metropolis. Lessons and applications, diverse joint activities bring us closer together and help you to get to know the city, its people and its beautiful places.


We want to win you over and also hear about your experiences!

Our Courses





Welcome to Hamburg!

In our welcome course we take the first steps in Hamburg as well as make the first German sentences.

Additionally, we set our sights on event, enjoyment, and recreational locations and share our impressions.




German for Communication Professionals

No matter which degree you are aiming for - we share the challenge with you and support you competently and flexibly on your way to the desired goal.






On Cultural Connection Tour

Here we deliver the first experiences, insights and experiments to linguistic development.


While we look around the cultural landscape of the city, we train and improve our language skills.

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German for

Young Sceptics

If nobody seems to understand you anymore and you feel like you're losing control, then pack

your things and come to us.

We will about it and see what can be done.




German for Individualists

Lack of time should not be an obstacle to learning the German language effectively. That is why we offer individual solutions for our customers. We come to your home or office, adaptt to your schedule, and create a learning plan according to your needs.




German for certificate exams

Do you need a German certificate? No matter what level you want to reach and what time your next exam will take place: We prepare you for every German exam - purposefully and thoroughly.

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