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Do you urgently need a German certificate and are you looking for qualified preparation for an examination soon?

Through years of experience, we know your current concerns and support you with our knowledge and skills to your goal - no matter how long it takes.

With us you get exactly the lessons you need in your personal situation. We take away your doubts - with us you go safely into every exam!


We focus on two things:

1. Your level of knowledge &

2. Requirements of the upcoming exam.

And that's what we work with.

We train exactly how you need it for your success. All four of the required skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking - will be practiced in a time and speed that is appropriate for you and their concrete application will be tested in several test tests. So that you can take the exam competently and confidently - and of course pass it.


And then all that remains for us is to congratulate you!



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